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Knowledge Seekers, Private Tutors


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All fees are payable in advance for a minimum block of 10 hours of tuition. The range of rates reflects the tutor's level of experience and expertise, particularly their track record and the level of demand for their services.

Travel charges may apply depending on your location.

Bespoke Tuition

One off Registration Fee per student  £60
Primary, KS3, Entrance exams, GCSE from £55 to £70 p/hr
A level from £55 to £70 p/hr
Premium Service from £60 p/hr
Small Group Tuition (up to 4 children) £50 p/hr, per child
Small Group AS/A2 Tuition (up to 4 children) £50 p/hr, per child
Residential Tuition Prices upon application, please call the office
Late Payment Fee £60

The confirmed services of a tutor can only be agreed when the full block payment has been made.  

Customers are responsible for making timely renewal payments, to ensure continuity of tuition.

Weekly Workshops

All fees are payable half termly or termly in advance and there are no refunds for missed weeks. Please contact us to reserve your child’s place.

Click here for Course Dates

Creative Writing Years 4 & 6 £50 Per 3 hour workshop
7+ Training Years 1 & 2 £50 Per 90 minute session
11+ Training Years 5 & 6 £50 Per 2 hour session


GCSE Skills Workshop

Click here for Course Dates

GCSE Revision Skills Years 10 & 11 £450 12 hours over 4 Saturdays
GCSE Saturday School Years 10 & 11 £50 Per 90 minute session

Our tutor has given my child a lot of confidence to progress with his maths. My son really enjoyed working with him and saw him very much as a role model. I could see that he was highly motivated to do his best in all his work as a result. I believe Knowledge Seekers tutors excel in giving students a wide variety of techniques and instilling in them the confidence to succeed in their exams.

Vicky, East Dulwich

Intensive Courses

Creative Writing Workshop 4-6 £350 7 Saturdays 2.15-5.15pm 05/01/19-16/02/19
Creative Writing Workshop 4-6 £300 6 Saturdays 2.15-5.15pm 02/03/19-06/04/19
Creative Writing Workshop 4-6 £250 5 Saturdays 2.15-5.15pm 27/04/19-25/05/19
Creative Writing Workshop 4-6 £300 6 Saturdays 2.15-5.15pm 08/06/19-13/07/19
Creative Writing Workshop 4-6 £350 7 Saturdays 2.15-5.15pm 07/09/19-19/10/19
Creative Writing Workshop 4-6 £350 7 Saturdays 2.15-5.15pm 02/11/19-14/12/19
Easter Holiday Creative Writing 4-6 £350 3 days, 9am-3pm 10/04/19-12/04/19
Easter Holiday Creative Writing 1-3 £250 2 days, 9am-3pm 15/04/19-16/04/19
May Half Term Creative Writing 4-6 £250 2 days, 9am-3pm 30/05/19-31/05/19
Summer Holiday Creative Writing Workshop 4-6 £350 3 days, 9am-3pm 14/08/19-16/08/19
Summer Holiday Creative Writing Workshop 1-3 £250 2 days, 9am-3pm 28/08/19-29/08/19
11+ Summer Intensive 6 £650 5 days, 9am-3pm 19/08/19-23/08/19
7+ Autumn Half Term Intensive 2 £650 5 days, 9am-3pm 21/10/19-25/10/19
11+ Autumn Half Term Creative Writing 4-6 £250 2 days, 9am-3pm 26/10/19-27/10/19
7+ Christmas Creative Writing Workshop 2 £250 2 days, 9am-3pm 19/12/19-20/12/19
7+ Mock Exam Morning 2 £150 1/2 day, 9am-1pm 03/11/19
11+ Mock Exam Morning 6 £150 1/2 day, 9am-1pm 10/11/19



Consultations take place with Knowledge Seekers' Director, Alexandra, at our offices. You may be looking to establish how well your child is performing academically, which schools would be the best to apply to and which areas need to be focused on in one to one tuition. With years of experience of assisting students to gain entry to the most competitive schools in south and central London, Alexandra will be able to give you valuable and tailored insights into the next steps to take as well as how best to work with your child to fulfil their potential. 

You may have concerns that your child is not thriving academically and be looking for information and an understanding of your child's individual learning preferences and how best to cater to them. A developmental consultation with Alexandra will provide you with insight into what might be missing to allow your child to enjoy their studies and develop the self-confidence needed to achieve, as well as suggestions for how to move forward and how our services might support that.

Please contact us to book an appointment or for further information.

Academic Consultation £150
Developmental Consultation £195

Should you want to stop our tutoring for any reason, we will send a full refund for all the unused hours of the pre-paid block, returned to your nominated bank account within 3 working days, no questions asked. There will be no deduction for administration.

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